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ANUREX was developed and initially patented in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Korea and other countries worldwide. It is the only product of its kind on the market that received UTILITY PATENT!! ANUREX was first registered with F.D.A. in 1986 following other registrations of Health Ministries and Regulatory Agencies around the World that include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Brazil and now EU.

Anurex was officially registered with U.S.A. Dept. of Commerce in 1986 and featured in many publications and Trade Shows (worldwide) sponsored by that Department. ANUREX is the only available product of its kind on the market with proven efficacy and safety supported and documented by Controlled Clinical studies (and not just testimonials) published in MAJOR Medical Journals. Clinical trials proved Anurex to be effective in 85-95% in all patients. Anurex has been widely accepted and recommended by doctors, pharmacists, Health professionals and Medical Media continuously informing hemorrhoid suffers about this...
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