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Frequently Asked Questions about Anurex

Q. What is it made of?

A. High quality and high density surgically approved polyethylene plastic.

Q. How is it inserted?

A. It is inserted while lying on your side with your knees raised, if possible.

Q. What is the cooling substance?

A. A specially formulated, safe, non-toxic, non-caustic solution.

Q. Can the solution leak?

A. The solution is permanently sealed within the leak-proof device and does not come in contact with the user. In the more than 11 years since the product has been developed, there have been no reported cases of leaking.

Q. What about production and quality control?

A. Production is strictly in compliance with F.D.A. requirements and regulations known as G.M.P. (Good Manufactures Practice). Each unit is checked individually during the packaging under strict quality control conditions.

Q. Do you supply a lubricant to facilitate insertion?

A. Yes, a lubricant is supplied. It is a safe, non-toxic lubricant similar to the K-Y Jelly sold in most drug stores.

Q. When are you supposed to use it and why?

A. Whenever there is pain, swelling, itching, bleeding or general irritation, and when ointments and suppositories are not effective.

Q. How does it provide a constant and even cooling?

A. Anurex® is frozen for approximately 1-2 hours. The Gel which is sealed inside, slowly thaws and in doing so, dispenses the cooling gradually over a period of time.

Q. Can all hemorrhoid sufferers benefit from Anurex® ?

A. Yes, anyone suffering from minor to severe hemorrhoidal irritation can use Anurex® successfully.

Q. How often do I (or can I ) use it?

A. It depends on the severity of the symptoms. It is recommended that it be used at least twice a day for a period of 7-10 days. It should be inserted and left in place for 6-8 minutes. It can be used as often as necessary. Many users keep an extra one in the freezer to extend the treatment period.

Q. Why does it only last 3-4 months?

A. It is recommended that it be replaced after 3-4 months of use since the cold-retaining gel looses it ability to maintain the necessary temperature after repeated thawing and refreezing.

Q. How long does it need to be frozen?

A. It should be frozen at least one hour before use and should be kept safely in its container in the freezer for immediate use.

Q. How is it cleaned?

A. It's easy. Just remove, wipe with a tissue and rinse with soap and warm water.

Q. Has any research been conducted on it?

A. Yes, since 1987, extensive clinical studies have been conducted and are still continuing. They have shown that Anurex® is safe, effective and relieves symptoms in over 95% of the cases.