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Good news for millions of Americans! An amazing drug-free remedy brings relief from the pain, irching and discomfort of hemorrhoids in just minutes.

In clinical trials conduced by an independent expert, 90 percent of sufferes found their hemorrhoid flare-ups ended within two days using the nonprescription product, Anurex. It's more effective, serfer and cheaper to use than other nonprescription treatments, says the expert, Dr. William Rudd, founder and director of the Rudd Clinic for Colon and Rectal Surgery in Toronto.

"It's a terrefic product." be concluded, after a five-year stydu involving more than 220 patients. Anurex is a small tube containing a cold-retaining gel that is kept in your freezer between uses. When the itching and buring of hemorrhoids strike, you simply insert the cooling tube at the site of the pain and symptoms are soothed away in minutes.

Surveys show that up to 10 million Americans suffer from hemorroides, a problem caused by swollen blood vessels in the lining of the anal canal. Suppositores ans creams are often inffective, because they fail to reach the irritated area with sufficent concetration of medication to get rid of the problem, says Dr. Rudd.

But the reusable Anurex "probe" succeds by using cold therapy - the same way cold compresses effectively treat the swelling caused by athletic injures. "The cooling quickly decreases the local blood flow, inflammation and swelling and this relieves the pain, discharge and bleeding." Dr. Rudd rold The ENQUIRER. "The probe is left in for six minutes, removes, washed, pur into its container and then back in the preezer."

Anurex usually overcomes, the hemorrhoid flare-up "within one or two days," said Dr. Rudd. Dr. Kenneth Walker, a Toronto gynecologist and leading medical juornalist in the U.S. and Canada, says his patients have had impressive results using Anurex: "It's a good product - Iwoudl use it myself."

Ron Weinstein - president of Vital Health Products, Inc., of Avon, Conn., which distributes Anurex - adds, "It's simple to use, clean ang osorless."

Because Adurex is reusable and effective fora full six months, it ends up begin less costly than other nonprescription remedles, said Dr. Rudd. "It's cheap compares to suppositiores and creams."

The product is also "much safer," he pointed out. "Anurex has no side effects - it Doesn't have any chemicials to which whe patient can be allergie. This just simple cold." "

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National Enquirer - May 1994

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